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As craftsmen and artisans, we create physical examples of the ideas that embody how we want to live and who we are.

Through all of our work, we can find subtle traces of our own personalities and discover intimate details that make each piece unique. Ultimately, I believe it's our way of communication. I am a self-taught furniture maker who chose furniture making as a profession because I was drawn to the creative process and wood as a living material.

My business focus is on creating handcrafted, unique furniture that will endure from one generation to the next. I work directly with my clients to interpret their original idea or inspiration, thus creating a one-of-a-kind piece that will be a lifelong addition to their home.

I come from a long line of craftsmen and artists. My great-great-grandfather was a gunsmith and furniture maker. My great-grandfather, a farmer by trade, built his own house and numerous guest cabins during the 1930's Depression. My grandfather was the Chairman of the School of Technology at Kent State University, and my father became a cabinet maker in Detroit during it's industrial boom of the 1950's and 60's. I was taught at an early age to have a great appreciation for wood as a material and to value hand-made objects that get passed from one generation to the next. Through my work and love of my craft, I hope to capture this spirit.