I have worked over 28 years professionally as a Commercial Photographer and Digital expert. Most all of my work has been confined to the advertising world and I specialized in digital work in the forefront of this technology in the late 80’s. In Undergraduate school I had several independent studies in my chosen field and produced award-winning work as a student. I explored Photo-microscophy using an antique microscope and as a subject matter decided to grow and explore micro-crystals, which I grew on microscope slides using everyday items that are common in our environment.

I built one of the first desktop scanning systems using a Commodore 64 computer and a B&W Panasonic video camera adapted to a copy stand and a RGB color wheel in 1986. I used a program that was hot at that time called Newtek Toast video software. I successfully “scanned” hard copy objects and imported them into a simple 16-color paint program on the Commodore. The rest was history. I delved into the digital realm and bought every new Macintosh computer and related imaging software produced. I have not stopped.

Today I am following a new trail. I have successfully completed all my coursework towards my MFA in Digital Cinematography, spent one month in Los Angeles working 6 days a week 12 to 16 hour days in “Residency” at the University, working in the industry of filmmaking. I learned a lot and now my passion is filmmaking and one day teaching in a University, and sharing my acquired knowledge in Film, the Digital Process in imagery and Cinema, including Photography, which is fundamental in the visual learning process. I would like to pass this acquired expertise along to the next generation of our willing young student body in our Universities, where I know they will take their learning experience to new heights that we have only dreamed of. Perhaps the world can be a better place for everyone if mankind can learn to co-exist and share gathered knowledge, and perhaps use our technology with conscience for the good of mankind.

I have set in motion a Thesis film for the fulfillment of my final requirements in earning my MFA in Digital Cinematography, which with my over 30 years in Professional Photography and Visual design should be a valuable asset to our youth of today. This film deals with the tragedy of May 4th, 1970 in a small college town in Kent, Ohio. I have lived in Kent for 38 years since discharge from the military. It was 1971 when I came home from a war that has affected me for my entire life. I had little knowledge of the civil unrest in America since I had been removed for over 2.5 years serving our country in a very bad war and military machine that at that time was as lost as I was. Upon my arrival in Kent I began school in hopes of furthering myself and giving back to our country in peace, unfortunately I was caught up in the times and my outrage grew at our government over the war it was waging here in our great nation. I sought out radical groups i.e. SDS to see what they offered to help in the struggled for a positive change, alas, I was not at a place in my life to continue violence and hatred and soon departed the youth radical movements.
I had just left Cambodia participating in border raids and destruction, why were my peers slaughtered here in the country that I wanted to protect? I learned the hard way that violence does no good. To win the “hearts and minds” of any people there must be peace and mutual cooperation towards the “good” that man can do for his higher development.

I still see because of a chosen few that wield the power in this Great Nation, and they are greedy, cold hearted, removed from the misery because of their wealth and upbringing as a privileged few, and being sheltered like nuns in a cloister, and because of this wealth and privilege, the destruction that war brings, cannot be felt by them yet they want it all that their wealth and greed will bring. Well I aim to tell a small story that happened 40 years ago in a small town that I chose to make a home for my family because I wanted peace. I have learned over these past 38 years that there are so many people still divided between the University and fearful still over the students, that in their young hearts only wanted to stop the holocaust that was killing their friends, brothers, husbands and fathers; war is and NEVER has been the answer to a peaceful society.

I hope that I can make my film as a healing catharsis and put the fear’s of the townspeople from that day in 1970, (that still suffer in silence) of Kent, to rest. We can all get along peacefully and we do no need war and destruction, we need an open heart and we need to use our intelligence to make this world a better place. I hope with all my heart that I can produce my film and create a healing touch that will help just one person that is still suffering from fear from that fateful day on May 4th, 1970 in Kent, Ohio.

I spoke with a man who still to this day says, “They should have killed them all”. His Mother who is 90 years old now was a worker at KSU in 1970 and still lives in fear of long haired college students; any students from any college. Is this right? I know the shortness of life and it is a shame that this woman has lived in fear for most of her life. If my film just reaches out to her and makes the very short time she has left a better time then I have succeeded.

Please follow my short site for giving a tax deductable donation for me to produce this film. I think through your efforts and kindness, through your generous giving, my dedication to peace and my expertise in the digital arts, we will all be doing good throughout the world. Everyone will share in this project and receive credit on the "Silver Screen".

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