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Ellet Sign Co....Neon, Plastic, Architectural signage

Kent Historical Society


Aster Industries...manufactures booths, commercial cabinets, signs, trade show exhibits, store fixtures, bars, cafeteria lines, and CNC fabrication.bars,

Padua Franciscan High School

Studio East Photography...product, medical, specialty photography, digital services

GKS Furnituremaker

QC Office Supplies

Higher Ground Gardening

Monica Tymcio Artist

Dine' Hero Project


Just a few of the sites I have done.

In 1990 I made the first website for Bill Gates and Time Warner Road Runner in Ohio for a "new techonology call Road was called "Spotlights Magazine.


Capabilities: Flash, Movies online, live conferencing...just about anything you can think of or need for your company in digital arts, I can do.








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