Dennis Sutton, President


I have been a professional photographer for over 27 years, and I have been integral in bringing the digital imaging industry into the Midwest area. In 1985 I graduated with a BS degree in Photo-Illustration, from Kent State University, with a minor in Art. After college I spent 4 months in the Peoples Republic of China taking photos of the people and architecture. I returned and taught at the University level in Commercial Photography for a school year. I then moved to San Diego where I was head photographer at a commercial / portrait studio........ I moved back to Ohio in pursuit of my own business in commercial photography.

Studio East Photography has won many awards local, regional, national and worldwide. I have won two "Best of Show Awards" for my work in the advertising field, as well, many more top awards on a yearly basis. I am skilled in the use of many different imaging systems and techniques, including Electron Microscopy. I went to some of the very first digital workshops given by Kodak and Canon, and realized then, 1988 / 1989 that the commercial creative world was changing. I diligently pursued every type of workshop or seminar, plus incorporated a self-study program in the field and technology of what "Digital" was.

I created some of the first Web sites exclusively for High Speed cable, working for Bill Gates and Time Warner in Ohio. Understanding the technology and physics of "Digital" is the key. I have pursued learning new techniques and new technologies, like I do with clients....with patience, understanding, and awareness of the needs to get the job done, and done right.

I am now embarking on new digital offerings in my career, I have finished my MFA program in Digital Cinematography at the National University in Los Angeles, and received my degree in April 2013. I now have my Masters of Fine Arts degree in Digital Cinematography. WOW how exciting! I spent a month in Los Angeles working on 5 films. I was the cameraman, sound engineer, and assistant director for these movies and you can see some examples on my Midnite Blue Productions link from my home page